Jeroen Knoops

Jeroen Knoops

Jeroen Knoops is a full stack developer. He has worked in corporate environments for many years. He also had the pleasure to work for a small tech startup. All of his work is driven by innovation.

Some keywords: Akai MPC, Urfaust, Richard Dawkins, Zed Shaw, TB-303, Erik Satie, Kapsalon, The Apemen, Piano, Hans Rosling, Haus Arafna, Apple ][, BRNS, Ravi Shankar, Lego no playmobil, TR-909, Netflix, Tuscany, Kraftwerk, Quadrupel, Frikandel Speciaal, avdi, Moonlizards, Sandi Metz, Pixies, Strijp, Henrik Kniberg, Hazes, Public Enemy, Tesla (the man), Funkmaster Flex, Hakan Forss, Bruce Willis, GitHub, Tony Touch, Hef, Mobb Deep, Funkdoobiest, good food, Noah’s ark, Turing, Sugababes, VPRO’s DutchMasters, Drums, Jet Li, Craft Beers, Synths, Bowling, La Musica della Mafia, UDS, Unsequenced, Christopher Hitchens, Slapshot en David Anderson.


Speaker on several conferences f.e. Github Summit and Gitlab Connect Benelux.

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